Latest Wrinkle Treatments of the Moment

29.04.2009 10:02
Even though there are the traditional wrinkle treatments, either bought from a store or specialty shop or concocted in the kitchen, some of the latest wrinkle treatments involve the use of lasers, radio frequencies, and peels. Older skin does not replace the cells as quickly as younger skin does, taking up to sixty days versus thirty to replace the skin cells of the face. This causes the skin to look dull and for wrinkles and scars to look more pronounced than in the past, causing concern to people as they age. In order to combat this, people are turning to the latest wrinkle treatments on the market.Types of TreatmentsLasers can be used in the latest wrinkle treatments to remove dead and old skin cells and to reduce wrinkles and scarring caused by acne. CO2 lasers, one of the latest laser treatments, vaporize the old cells as well as heat the collagen in the skin so that it becomes firmer and more elastic again, making the skin look smoother and younger. By stimulating the collagen, the wrinkles are filled in and the skin is able to handle the constant folding that occurs through the dynamic facial expressions that the face makes every day, rather than 'remembering' the fold and forming wrinkles. The N-Lite laser is another of the latest wrinkle treatments only stimulates the collagen so it is not quite as painful as the other types of lasers and does not take as long in the recovery process.Thermage is another of the latest wrinkle treatments, only being used since 2000. With this treatment, radio frequencies are used to heat up the collagen in the skin allowing the collagen that has become weak and damaged to re-stimulate, becoming more elasticated and creating younger and smoother looking skin. Thermage is not an instant fix but does seem to last the longest out of the latest wrinkle treatments on the market. It often takes up to three months to see results from the stimulated collagen so that wrinkles are filled in and the skin looks healthier again. However, it has been found to last at least five years without requiring another treatment, which is much better than the abrasion treatments that often require another after six months, and the Botox treatments that are required in three months in some cases.Dermabrasions and peels serve to remove the dead and old skin cells as well through either a process of 'sanding' the surface of the skin or through chemical peels. This helps to bring the scars up to the surface of the skin so that they are not as noticeable. Some of the peels last over ten years so this is one of the latest wrinkle treatments that are a good option for those interested in eliminating wrinkles and scars.

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