Methods of Wrinkle Reduction

27.04.2009 16:15
As the skin gets older it begins to lose its elasticity and strength so that it begins to sag and also form wrinkles instead of maintaining its shape. Dynamic wrinkles are the first to appear in most cases since they are formed by the face repeating certain facial expressions which cause the skin to fold in certain ways over and over again. Eventually the skin begins to 'remember' the way it was folded and not longer has the elasticity required for it to 'bounce back' to its original condition. There are also deeper wrinkles that are eventually formed from the effects of gravity, usually forming jowls running from the sides of the nose by the sides of the mouth down to the chin. Each of these types of wrinkles can be reduced by home remedies as well as professional methods. Skin Care It is important that a person begins to take care of his or her skin from an early age in order to prevent wrinkles from occurring for as long as possible and keep the skin healthy. Washing, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin daily, usually twice per day, is an important part of wrinkle reduction. Once wrinkles occur, there are wrinkle reduction creams and other remedies to help to lessen the depth of the wrinkles and possibly to eliminate them altogether. These creams are often costly, especially if they actually work, often costing up to one hundred dollars per container which usually lasts for a month or so. There are also home remedies for wrinkle reduction such as massaging the face and neck on a daily basis. To do this, the person should start in the neck region and work his or her way up to the forehead, covering the entire face during the process and either rubbing or pinching the skin in a circular motion. This helps to stimulate the blood circulation in the face which helps in wrinkle reduction by strengthening the tissues beneath the skin, making it look more full and buoyant. In addition to massage, another wrinkle reduction technique is to use green grapes, cut in half, to rub on the deep wrinkle areas. The juice should be left on the skin for about twenty minutes before being washed off with water. Anther fruit that is beneficial in wrinkle reduction is the core of a pineapple, which should be rubbed on the wrinkles of the face and neck and then left for ten to fifteen minutes before being washed off.

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