Eye Wrinkle Reduction

29.04.2009 10:02
As people get older, especially women, find that a main concern of theirs is eye wrinkle reduction. Wrinkles start to occur as the skin ages and become less elastic, unable to return to its original shape anymore after being folded over due to facial expressions over the course of the day. The eyes are often the first places that wrinkles appear since laugh lines are made here from smiling all of the time. When smiling, the skin around the eyes gets folded over. Wrinkles are formed by older skin becoming creased by continuous folding of the skin over time.Skin creams are used as a form of eye wrinkle reduction when applied to the eyes ater being cleaned twice a day. Eye wrinkle reduction creams usually have some sort of collagen or Botox in them so that they help to fill in the wrinkles by adding that to the natural collagen in the skin, replenishing it. Eye wrinkle reduction creams can help to fill in wrinkles and prevent new ones forming if the product is used correctly and consistently.Eye Wrinkle Reduction and Surgical MethodsAn eye lift is a form of surgical eye wrinkle reduction. With this method, the skin around the eyes that has started to get wrinkles is pulled back towards the ears and hairline so that the wrinkles are pulled taught. In addition, where the skin around the eyes has started to sag, it is also pulled taught so that the eyes look bright and there are no longer any wrinkles around them. This method of eye wrinkle reduction is painful since it is an out patient surgery and will require recovery time that is not usually given under most employees contracts, so it is more money out of pocket. After the recovery period the individual´┐Żs eyes should look younger, however, as time passes the skin will begin to fold and droop.Laser eye wrinkle reduction is more effective than an eye lift because it stimulates collagen in the skin making it healthier and therefore less prone to forming wrinkles. Along with this it helps to skim off layers of unhealthy or dead skin leaving new skin which is younger and healthier after the treatment of eye wrinkle reduction.

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