Does It Really Work? Wrinkle Reduction Cream

27.04.2009 16:15
There are many different wrinkle reduction creams on the market today that all tout their benefits to the skin for making it look younger and more vipant. However, many of these creams really do not have much more benefit to them than an average lotion, so finding the best wrinkle reduction cream is important so that money is not wasted and frustration does not occur over the lack of results. Wrinkle reduction creams can be expensive, especially those that have collagen or Botox added to them which help the skin to have a more full and youthful look to it. Some can cost over one hundred dollars per container, which will usually last a month before needing more. The benefits of good wrinkle reduction creams as compared to other methods of wrinkle reduction are that they are not as expensive as professional methods and they are also not painful to use, as other treatments can be. Wrinkle reduction creams are usually applied to the face and neck areas after the daily cleansing process has been completed in the morning and the evening. This allows the skin to be fresh and clean so that the maximum results can be obtained from the wrinkle reduction cream. There is not recovery time or any other detrimental effect on the individual from the cream. Other Methods of Wrinkle Reduction Laser wrinkle reduction is another popular professional method of wrinkle reduction besides the wrinkle reduction creams. There are different types of lasers that are used, such as the CO2 or the N-Lite lasers, but they all produce basically the same effects on the skin. It is an out patient process where there is a topical anesthetic administered to the area being treated so that the layers of skin cells can be burned off and the collagen underneath can be stimulated so that the skin is healthier and stronger. Because the laser is used, the recovery process from laser treatment can be as long as two weeks, depending on what needed to be treated and the type of laser that was used. Unlike wrinkle reduction creams which do not have any pain involved in the process, these laser treatments are painful and require pain medication for at least a couple of days after the treatment is completed. In addition, the treatments will have to be repeated for those who have deeper wrinkles so the entire process, meaning cost, time and pain, must be repeated to get the deeper wrinkles eliminated.

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