Taking the Years off: Laser Wrinkle Reduction

27.04.2009 16:15
There are many different methods of natural wrinkle reduction that take the form of daily or weekly routines that can help the skin to be healthier and more vipant, even after the years have gone by. The skin does not replace itself as quickly with time so that the process of completely replacing all of the skin cells in the face and neck takes up to sixty days rather than the thirty days of youth. This causes the skin to look duller and it also becomes less flexible and buoyant so that it begins to crease where it is folded when making facial expressions throughout the day. These lines are the wrinkles that people want to remove through various methods including laser wrinkle reduction. The Power of Light Laser wrinkle reduction comes in two different methods, using different lasers. The first method usually uses a CO2 laser which helps to take off the top layers of the skin so that dead and old skin cells are removed, exposing the newer ones underneath. This helps to ping the deep wrinkles up to the level of the skin so that they are not longer visible. This type of laser wrinkle reduction also helps to stimulate collagen, which is beneath the skin, so that it is stronger and more elastic. This makes the skin more able to 'bounce back' rather than form new wrinkles due to the facial expressions made on a daily basis. The N-Lite lasers do not remove the layers of skin but they do help to heat the collagen layers which stimulate it to become stronger and healthier again. These lasers do not require quite as long a recovery time as the CO2 lasers since there is not the burning away of the top layers of skin. Laser wrinkle reduction is costly and is considered an out patient surgery. Those who are interested in using laser wrinkle reduction must seriously consider the cost of the procedure. Although the procedure is effective in most cases, especially for those with deep wrinkles that do not want to get a face lift, it does at times require multiple treatments, which usually last for several years before needing another treatment. In addition, there is a one to two week recovery period for laser wrinkle reduction which is not an option for many people to consider, not being a standard sick leave from work. Laser wrinkle reduction is very painful and can leave the face swollen and oozing during the recovery period, which is disconcerting to people in recovery in addition to the pain.

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